10 Nonprofit Agencies with Innovative Healthcare Solutions Awarded St. David’s Foundation Opportunity Grants of nearly $1 million

Austin– Opportunity Grants, a new initiative by St. David’s Foundation, are aimed at collaborative, creative new approaches to addressing a wide range of health needs across Central Texas. Several of the grants will address the unique physical and mental health needs of Central Texas youth in innovative ways.

Among the highlights of the 10 grants being announced:

  • E-cigarette prevention program to be carried out in middle schools across the area (CATCH Global Foundation)
  • Assistance for recovery from substance abuse for adolescents and young adults (Youth Recovery Network (YRN)
  • Technology to streamline vision screening and clinical follow up care for school children (Half Helen Foundation)
  • Mental illness support group for teens and pre-teens (NAMI Austin)
  • Support and counseling for LGBT youth in area high needs schools (Out Youth)
  • Training and support for Central Texas mental health service providers who serve a youth population (Texas Network of Youth Services)

In addition to these youth-related grants, funding is being provided for a peer support and employment program in East Austin for adults with mental illness, a healthy food pantry project, mental health services for adults seeking to earn a high school diploma, and for a health coach hotline and digital health platform to support sustainable health behavior change.

Each of the ten recipients will receive $50,000 in 2016, and an additional $50,000 in 2017.*

Earl Maxwell, CEO of St. David’s Foundation, stated, “The goal of these new Opportunity Grants is to invest in innovative, collaborative and creative solutions to some of the healthcare challenges facing our community. The Foundation is delighted to partner with these respected local nonprofits to explore ways to address emerging healthcare needs here at home in Central Texas.”

Karen Ranus, Executive Director of NAMI Austin, noted “With this grant we can provide crucial services to young people struggling with mental illness, and help enable them to become independent and thriving members of our community.”

Below is a full listing of the 10 Opportunity Grant recipients.

The grants will be officially announced by St. David’s Foundation at an event on Nov. 4th.

*Goodwill Industries of Central Texas requested, and will receive, funding in the amount of $32,500 for each of the two years of the grants.

2016 St. David’s Foundation Opportunity Grants

Lead Organization Project Title
Blackland Community Development Corporation African American Behavioral Health Resource Center
CATCH Global Foundation Building a Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Community of Excellence in Central Texas
Youth Recovery Network (YRN) Youth Recovery Network (YRN): Closing the Gaps for Continuity of Care
Foundation Communities Inc Healthy Food Pantry Project (Healthy Foods Initiative)
Goodwill Industries Of Central Texas* Excel Counseling Services
Half Helen Foundation C-MORE – Revolutionizing Vision Screenings in Low Income Communities
ITS TIME TEXAS Living Healthier: A Transformational Approach to Community Health
NAMI Austin (National Alliance on Mental Illness) #OK2Talk
Out Youth Clinical Services for LGBT Youth in Partnership with Communities In Schools
Texas Network Of Youth Services Incorporated Recovery Through Participation: Building Youth/Adult Partnerships to Enhance the Planning and Provision of Services for Youth in Central Texas