St. David’s Foundation Announces Grants of over $20 million

St. David’s Foundation Announces Grants of over $20 million, Including Financial Support for Healthcare-Related Infrastructure Needs

Austin– St. David’s Foundation announced today that it is awarding grants aimed at supporting future infrastructure needs at key charitable organizations, to meet the demands of Central Texas’ unprecedented population growth.

With $5.2 million in capital grants, St. David’s Foundation is extending financial support to many healthcare-related nonprofits who are facing a much greater demand for their services. Among these grants are funds for such projects as building out a facility for Meals on Wheels Central Texas; a new facility for Mobile Loaves and Fishes’ Community First Village; supporting creation of specialized housing for Austinites with mental illness with Austin Travis County Integral Care; and providing vans to transport seniors, among other efforts. (Complete list of capital grants below.)

“As our population grows, we are seeing an escalating demand for more healthcare-related services for our rapidly growing community. By partnering with organizations who are developing facilities and programs to address future healthcare needs, from mental health to homelessness to the needs of low income families, we hope to anticipate future demands and provide targeted solutions,” said Earl Maxwell, CEO of St. David’s Foundation.

In addition to the capital grants, St. David’s Foundation announced over $15 million in grants to area nonprofits who provide a range of healthcare-related services to the community, providing support for preventative programs like Marathon Kids and the Sustainable Food Center; providing scholarships and grants for professionals pursuing healthcare careers, and those serving underprivileged populations, as well as for groups serving the elderly and families dealing with mental health challenges.

Dan Pruett, President and CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Texas, said, “St. David’s Foundation is a powerful, compassionate advocate for the thousands of homebound older adults we serve. Thanks to the foundation’s amazing support of our mission, we are able to provide life- sustaining services to even more of our neighbors in need.”

He continued, “That’s vitally important because as an organization that serves an area with one of the fastest growing senior populations in the country, the demand for our programs increases every year. The funding we receive from St. David’s Foundation drastically reduces the number of clients on the waiting list for our free services. Meals on Wheels Central Texas, along with our 7,000 dedicated volunteers, deeply appreciate all that St. David’s Foundation does for our agency and for our community.”

Below is a listing of the highlighted Capital Grants, followed by a complete listing of all grants announced today by St. David’s Foundation.

Capital Grants announced today by St. David’s Foundation to support infrastructure needs:

  • Austin Groups for the Elderly (AGE): $281,050 (Funding to assess future needs of facility)
  • Austin Travis County Integral Care: $1,562,000 (Funding to develop a clinic within a new permanent support housing site)
  • Coalition of Texans with Disabilities: $142,143 (Funding for development of new software to help manage in-home care services for seniors)
  • Drive a Senior Network: $109,578 (Funding for 2 new vans)
  • Meals on Wheels Central Texas: $928,975 (Funding for expansion of building to house employees of HAND – a new subsidiary organization)
  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes-Community First: $1,200,000 (Funding for space to provide support services and wellness activities within Community First! Village)
  • Sustainable Food Center: $74,342 (Funding to upgrade equipment and technology)
  • UT at Austin School of Nursing $950,000 (Funding for current classroom renovations)
  • TOTAL CAPITAL GRANTS: $ 5,248,088