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Jesse Simmons is the Senior Evaluation Officer for St. David’s Foundation. He manages the growing evaluation team and is responsible for implementing evaluation strategies across three strategic areas of the Foundation. Jesse supports the grantmaking process by working with grant partners and internal staff to develop and monitor meaningful measures of program impact and quality. As part of the Foundation’s capacity-building program, Jesse works in partnership with grant partners to assess organizational strengths and opportunities concerning the gathering, sharing, and analysis of data. Additionally, he leads the internal evaluation of the St. David's Mobile Dental Program. In this role, Jesse works closely with staff to estimate need, monitor impact, and explore potential program improvements.

He has presented at various conferences on the use of data and evaluation for program planning and improvement. Jesse received his MS in Applied Sociology from Texas State University. Previous evaluation experience includes evaluation framework development, needs assessments, and outcome-based evaluations for various organizations including the River System Institute at Texas State University, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and independent work for St. David’s Foundation.