Aging in Place

The Issue:

Central Texas has one of the fastest growing aging populations in the country. There is great need to scale up services for seniors to meet the growing demand. There is also a unique opportunity to increase the engagement of seniors to serve as assets in helping Central Texas become the healthiest community in the world.

Our Plan:

Our goal is to increase services that support aging in place at a large scale appropriate for our five county Central Texas area. Through access to services and supports, along with new opportunities for meaningful engagement, seniors will be able to enjoy a high quality of life and age in place with dignity.

Who We Serve:

St. David’s Foundation will work with Medicaid eligible seniors, low-income older adults just over the threshold for Medicaid, seniors living in our rural counties and those who are looking for meaningful opportunities to serve their community, as well as caregivers.

How We Will Do It:

Our approach for aging in place includes to:

  • Ensure the provision of core services for highly vulnerable seniors, such as access to supplemental nutrition provisions, ramps, transportation, system navigation, home repair, in-home care services, and fall prevention
  • Improve the provision of resources and education for caregivers of seniors
  • Increase access to adult day health centers, which are non-residential facilities that support health, social, and daily living for vulnerable seniors
  • Reduce social isolation of seniors through establishment of intergenerational programming – which links younger and older generations to interact and engage in meaningful activities – and provide increased opportunities for volunteerism among seniors
  • Increase access to palliative care for seniors, and support families and caregivers in discussing end of life issues
  • Build a cadre of highly-skilled geriatric social workers to serve the needs of vulnerable seniors living in Central Texas

For More Information

Andrew Levack, Senior Program Officer

“The well-being of seniors as a fundamental aspect to our goal of Central Texas becoming the healthiest community in the world. But we won’t achieve that goal until all seniors, regardless of income, can easily access the services and social supports that allow for a high quality of life.”

Aging in Place: Texas Ramp Project