Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Issue:

Texas has the 4th highest rate of teen births in the United States and the highest rate of repeat births to teens in the country. Travis, Bastrop, and Caldwell counties are particularly affected by this issue, with all three counties reporting teen birth rates above the national average. Through prevention, young women and men who delay parenthood until adult years will be less likely to live in poverty and more likely to be prepared emotionally and financially for pregnancy and parenting. Meanwhile, children born to older parents will be less likely to experience child abuse and neglect, more likely to be successful in school, and less likely to become teen parents themselves.

Our Plan:

Our goal is to reduce the rate of teen births in Central Texas, including a significant reduction of teen births in 10 targeted zip codes.

Who We Serve:

St. David’s Foundation will work in low-income communities in Travis, Caldwell and Bastrop counties with a disproportionately high number of teen births.

How We Will Do It:

Our approach for teen pregnancy prevention includes plans to:

  • Establish and institutionalize comprehensive, evidence-based sexuality education in targeted middle schools and high schools in Central Texas
  • Implement community-based prevention programs in zip codes with the highest numbers of teen births
  • Ensure access to comprehensive family planning including Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)
  • Ensure provision of social supports and prevention of subsequent pregnancies for teen parents

For More Information

Andrew Levack, Senior Program Officer

“The field of teen pregnancy prevention has advanced dramatically over the past several decades to the point where we are well-equipped with evidence-based interventions that can be thoughtfully adapted for use in our communities.”