Housing Wrap-Around Services

The Issue:

Health starts where you live. People who live in places without easy access to outdoor exercise, positive social interactions, and healthy food choices are at a strong disadvantage in achieving good health. As Central Texas grows, the health of our low-income population – and our community as a whole – will depend upon the creation of a sufficient supply of affordable housing that promotes health and strong social connections in its physical design and available supports and services.

Our Plan:

Our goal is to create conditions through housing wrap-around services that allow low-income individuals and families to achieve improved health. These services may include case management, job coaching, education enrichment, and health promotion activities, such as exercise and nutrition classes. We believe that services and supports are most effective when they foster and follow the efforts of individuals to help themselves, their families and their communities.

Who We Serve:

St. David’s Foundation will work largely with individuals and families living in subsidized housing or housing where rents are purposefully set to be affordable to low income clients.

How We Will Do It:

Our approach will be to bring opportunity to individuals living in affordable housing communities by funding support services aimed at creating better health and improving self-sufficiency. The majority of our work in this area will be done by making investments to:

  • Create systems-level improvements, such as mechanisms to share information and develop community wide agreement about how to coordinate care and prioritize resources
  • Help families and individuals achieve self-sufficiency, such as job coaching and individual enrichment
  • Help high need clients (many of whom are chronically homeless) stabilize and achieve better health and lower costs of care, such as case management and on-site health services

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Kim McPherson, Senior Program Officer

“As we do this work, we need to stay focused on the fact that programs don’t change people. People change people. A person in a connected community that fosters mutual support will thrive in a way that an isolated person cannot.”

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