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CapacityWorks grants are available to current grant partners of St. David’s Foundation.  Grants primarily cover the cost of outside consultants. These consulting engagements provide outside expertise that the organization lacks, but also build capacity within the organization for the future. Grants may not exceed $15,000. Proposals that include funding from other sources will be considered more favorably.  Historically, St. David’s Foundation has supported between 75% - 90% of a project’s total cost.


Before applying for a grant, you are encouraged to reach out to your program officer to discuss your project. From there, Foundation staff will assist you in the next steps, which include the CCAT (Core Capacity Assessment Tool) which will guide the process of developing your capacity building proposal.

Once you have completed the CCAT and received a password from your program officer,  click here to apply for a CapacityWorks grant.

Click here to download a Capacity Building Budget Template.