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Investing in a Healthy Community


St. David's Foundation grant applications are by invitation only. If you are interested in applying, please visit the Grants Overview page to learn more about the areas of funding. Contact the program officer listed for each area to find out whether your organization or program might be eligible for funding.

Once you have been invited to apply for a grant, you will receive an email from the Foundation with a password that you will use to access the online grant application form. You will first be directed to a log-in page where you can create an account with a unique username and personal password,  you will then be asked for the password provided to you in the invitation email from the Foundation.   You can use the links below to access the login page for Health Access and Capital Grants.

For a comprehensive overview of the grant process, application details and technical FAQs, we encourage you to download this document:  SDF Grant Information 

If you are a current grant partner, and are interested in applying for a Capacity Building grant, please visit our CapacityWorks page.

New Applications

Health Access Grants
These grants are awarded to agencies supporting health needs as described in our Focus Areas. Health Access grants support the costs associated with providing direct program services to clients.

Capital Grants
These grants are awarded on a one-time basis for new construction, renovation of existing construction, or other infrastructure projects that do not have ongoing costs.

Pending Applications and Reports

Use the above link to visit your personal homepage to continue a saved application, review or print past applications, and complete the reports required by the funding contract.

Sample Application Materials

These materials are for reference and planning purposes only and will not be accepted as submissions.

Application Templates

The following templates will be uploaded to the Attachment page of the application.

  • Project/Program Budget Template – Required for Health Access Grant. You will need to submit your budget for the specific project using this form.
  • Capital Project Budget - Required for major capital projects. You will need to submit your capital budget using this form.
  • Capital Project Plan - Required for major capital projects.  You will need to submit your capital plan using this form.
  • Capital Report Template - Required at the conclusion of a major capital project.
  • Subgrant Budget Template – For collaborative grants with more than one organization applying
  • Audit Confirmation - Signed by your Board Chair confirming a review of audit findings
  • Charting Impact - Used to describe the goals and strategies of an organization (not project specific).  If you are submitting multiple applications, you only need to attach one.

Contact Rebecca LeBlanc, Grants Coordinator, if you experience any difficulties accessing or submitting your application.


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