St. David's Foundation Report to the Community

We believe good health returns great benefits to our community.

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Health care is a complicated industry, and community health is often discussed in terms of populations or demographics. But ultimately, our work is about individual people, and how with better health care and resources they can live better lives.

That includes all the people who’ve received quality care from St. David’s HealthCare in its 90-year history, which we celebrated in 2014. It includes all the people who’ve benefitted from the services provided by St. David’s Foundation’s more than 60 grant partners, who make such a huge difference in our community, as well as the Foundation’s own dental program. And it includes the people who’ve given of their time and treasure to support the Foundation and its work over the years.

As we reflect on the work of St. David’s in Central Texas over most of the past century, we also look forward to the future in which our continued growth and careful investment will have an even greater impact. Today, St. David’s Foundation is on the verge of becoming one of America’s top five health foundation funders, and our recently expanded mobile dental program is the largest such program in the country.

Our $58 million in community investments in 2014, which will grow to $65 million in 2015, included our largest gifts ever, for the new location of People’s Community Clinic and for a new mental health crisis center. We focus not only on making the wisest and most effective investments in the community, but also on investments in ourselves, to ensure St. David’s Foundation has the capacity and resilience to continue its contributions well into the future. We’ve completed an organizational assessment that has given us important insight on how to build out our staff and refine our governance structure. We’re also constructing a new office building that will house the Foundation as it grows, which we’ll be moving into later this year.

As we grow, we’re always interested in hearing from you — the people we serve, and the people who support us. As you’ll see in this report, the voices of the individuals whose lives are being changed by the work of the Foundation are the best and most rewarding evidence of our impact.

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Earl Maxwell, CEO
St. David's Foundation

Jerry E. Turner, Board Chair
St. David's Foundation


People’s Community Clinic Executive Director Regina Rogoff (right), patients and volunteers celebrate the $10M grant from St. David’s Foundation, in front of the building that will be transformed into the future home of the clinic.

Providing Care
to People in Need

Plans for the new People’s Community Clinic, which is twice as large and able
to serve at least 10,000 more patients a year than the current facility.

Plans for the new Austin Travis County Integral Care Mental Health Center,
which will be located in southeast Austin at Montopolis and Ben White.

Hector Bardequez with wife Angie and daughter Zoé play on the zipline at the newly transformed Dove Springs District Park. “What we have here now is what the kids wanted and asked for. That speaks well to what this is all about. ... We want kids and parents to take ownership of the park. This was a wonderful investment and we should take care of it.”

Creating Healthy Places
for Healthy People

Jona Mata studies for her degree at University of Texas at Austin.

Investing in the People
Who Deliver Care

RIGHT: Ana Laura Gonzalez, a senior at St. David’s School of Nursing at Texas State School University, checks vitals on a “Manikin” patient undergoing drug and alcohol withdrawal. These students are trained for real life situations, with “Manikins” that can be used to perform a wide range of nursing skills ranging from the basics to highly complex procedures. The St. David’s School of Nursing accepted 100 BSN students and 55 MSN students in 2014.

Children pose in front of the biggest smile in Texas during Smile Week.

Guaranteeing Healthy Smiles
for Healthy People

Oral health is a fundamental component of overall wellness, but quality dental care has traditionally been difficult for many families to access. The St. David’s Dental Program is now the largest charity mobile dental program in the country and a model for the nation.

With its expansion in 2014, the dental program now includes more than 50 clinicians and a fleet of nine vans. The program treats more than 11,000 school children at high-needs elementary campuses in six local school districts throughout the school year. When school isn’t in session, the dental vans travel to area clinics and social service agencies and treat adult patients referred by the Foundation’s partner safety-net clinics.

This translates into millions of dollars worth of services and screenings provided to Central Texas each year — all supported by the Foundation’s philanthropy and delivered free of charge to low income families.
Beyond the clinical care, St. David’s Dental Program has a vibrant oral health education program. Children and adults learn proper brushing and flossing techniques, and everyone goes home with a new toothbrush, floss and timer so they can brush for two minutes, two times a day.

RIGHT: St. David’s Dental Program dental assistant Ashley Nichols teaches a child proper brushing techniques.

St. David’s:
A 90-Year History of Care

Since 1924, St. David’s HealthCare has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of Central Texans. We collected some of those stories as part of our commemoration of the 90th Anniversary, both in the book St. David’s: 90 Years and Counting published in partnership with Texas Monthly Custom Publishing, and in video vignettes. We’ve shared those stories with the community online, in presentations, and at the 90th Anniversary signature event held in November. Retired local news legends Ron Oliviera and Judy Maggio served as hosts for the event, which welcomed more than 600 past and present members and friends of the St. David’s family.

These stories were collected from employees, patients, volunteers and others associated with St. David’s, showing the vast impact quality health care can have on a community. Extensive interviews were held to capture the history of St. David’s, as well as a joint effort among all hospitals to collect historical photos and other archive materials for the book. Click here to see all of the stories.

St. David's Healthcare:
The Future of Care

The unique relationship between St. David’s HealthCare and St. David’s Foundation allows for hospital proceeds to be reinvested in Central Texas. This year, the Foundation will invest more than $65 million in programs and initiatives that will help us achieve our goal of making Central Texas the healthiest community in the world.

The St. David’s tradition of quality was recognized when St. David’s HealthCare received the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, one of only four recipients in the nation in 2014 (pictured above). The award is the highest Presidential honor for performance excellence through innovation, improvement and visionary leadership. St. David’s HealthCare is the first health care system in Texas to ever receive the award.

Even as St. David’s HealthCare looked back to its past, it charged forward into its future with new programs and new facilities:

  • St. David’s CancerCare provides integrated oncology services within the St. David’s HealthCare facilities. In May 2014, St. David’s South Austin Medical Center opened a brand new oncology floor to provide a wide range of services, including blood and marrow transplants, that formerly required travel to Houston or San Antonio.
  • St. David’s Children’s Hospital is a dedicated unit within St. David’s North Austin Medical Center which provides emergency, inpatient and intensive care to patients 17 and younger. Opened in December 2014, St. David’s Children’s Hospital makes the North Austin campus the only hospital in Central Texas to provide a continuum of care for people of all ages.

Our Partners
in Health

Through the dedicated and skilled efforts of more than 60 grant partner organizations, St. David’s Foundation’s investments are leading to healthier outcomes for all kinds of Central Texans—in clinical settings, in schools and workplaces, and in the community. In 2014, we invested more than $58M in the health of Central Texans.

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Our Leadership

St. David’s Foundation Board

  • Jerry E. Turner, Chair
  • Ray Bonilla, Vice Chair
  • Shannon H. Ratliff II, Secretary
  • Kathleen O. Angel
  • Ray Benson
  • Rev. David A. Boyd
  • Charles Chaffin
  • Jo Anne Christian
  • Karen J. Cole
  • Albert M. Hawkins III
  • C. W. Hetherly, Jr.
  • H. David Hughes
  • Cathy Iberg
  • Robena Jackson
  • John S. Murray, MD
  • Mary Scott Nabers
  • E. Peter Pincoffs
  • James A. Prentice, MD
  • Lynn Sherman
  • D. Scott Thomas, Jr.
  • Marc Winkelman

St. David’s Foundation Community
Health Access Committee

  • Shannon H. Ratliff II, Chair
  • James A. Prentice, MD, Vice Chair
  • Carolyn Bartlett
  • Ray Benson
  • Rev. David A. Boyd
  • Jack T. Brown
  • Mark G. Burnett, MD
  • Jay Campion
  • Jo Anne Christian
  • Karen J. Cole
  • Kevin W. Cole
  • C.W. Hetherly, Jr.
  • H. David Hughes
  • Susie Jastrow
  • Libby Malone
  • Darrick McGill
  • E. Peter Pincoffs
  • Robert T. Present
  • D. Scott Thomas, Jr.
  • Jerry E. Turner
  • Ann Wilson
  • Marc Winkelman

St. David’s Foundation
Community Fund Board

  • Rodney S. Bond
  • Earl Maxwell
  • Barbara Porter

St. David’s Foundation
Chair’s Emeritus Council

  • Ed Auler, Chair
  • Ada Anderson
  • Jack T. Brown
  • Charles M. Christensen
  • Diane F. Grant
  • Earl L. Grant, MD
  • Jose I. Guerra
  • Robert T. Present

St. David’s Foundation
Staff Leadership

  • Earl Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer
  • Bobbie Barker, MPA, Vice President, Grants and Community Programs
  • Jim Ries, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Carol Clark, General Counsel
  • Ensy Atarod, DDS, Lead Dentist
  • Caesar Collazo, DDS, Lead Dentist
  • Deborah Durham, MPA, Program Officer-Healthy People and Healthy Smiles
  • Shailee Gupta, DDS, Lead Dentist
  • Patrice Kistenmacher, DDS, Clinical Director
  • Yana Kushner, DDS, Staff Dentist
  • Joy Legan, SPHR, Director of Human Resources
  • Andrew Levack, MPH, Program Officer-Healthy Aging and Healthy Futures
  • Kim McPherson, MPAff, Program Officer-Healthy Minds
  • Abby Menke, DDS, Staff Dentist
  • Lex Ohlendorf, DDS, Screening Dentist
  • Mamatha Pasala, DDS, Lead Dentist
  • Becky Pastner, MPAff, Program Officer-Healthy Living
  • Lisa Trahan, Director of Communications
  • Madge Vasquez, MPAff, Director of Dental Operations
  • Amy Vaughan, CPA, Controller
  • Todd Waldron, MS, Director of Information Technology

St. David’s Foundation
Community Fund Leadership

  • Cara Abazari, Director of Community Affairs