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As a funder, we don’t often get to see the faces impacted by our grants, or hear their stories straight from them. They are our neighbors, and it’s important we stay connected to the community we serve. We are committed to making this the healthiest community in the world, and that’s why we created our three strategic priorities:

  • Providing Central Texans with the healthiest care in the world
  • Creating the healthiest places for Central Texans to live
  • Helping Central Texans be the healthiest people they can be

Last year was a year of transformation for us, as we launched our new strategic plan. Now in the second year, a year of implementation, we are putting down the roots to make impactful change. We awarded our first grants in women’s health to assist mothers in their first year postpartum, we explored what health means in a rural community, and we awarded grants to create healthier and happier city parks.

On these pages, you’ll see faces of those we’ve helped serve: a young girl frightened of the dentist, a recently unemployed woman trying to navigate the health insurance world, two scholarship recipients who took different paths to furthering their education, and others. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting and hearing from a few of your neighbors as much as we did.

A Sigh of Relief
Debra lives in a small house on a country road lined with wildflowers. This spring, at age 71, her husband Hank died after a long bout with diabetes. Before his death, Debra took two weeks off from her job as a cook to care for him. After his funeral, she returned to work and learned she was terminated after 15 years of employment. Debra had been in the workforce since she was 14 years old and never thought that now, at age 57, she would be seeking help for herself.
Mamas for Mamas
Fixing Birth Inequality in a Family-Friendly City
Austin is known as a “family-friendly” city--a place where pregnant women enjoy prenatal yoga classes, new moms share nannies, and nursing mothers are supported by employers. But many Black and Latina women have a different experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.
Same Goal, Different Paths
The Future of Healthcare
Some people have an unstoppable drive to help others. By investing in such people through scholarships, St. David’s Foundation is changing who provides healthcare and how they do it. Nineteen-year old Arhian grew up in rural Cuba. Instead of video games, he played outdoors with friends and spent time with his grandparents.
Quality Care for Valerie
Learning to Love the Dentist
Eight-year old Valerie loves multiplication and books about dolphins or dogs. An Honor Roll student at Padrón Elementary in northeast Austin, she hopes to be a veterinarian. Her mother, Ibeth, works as a bookkeeper for a small company, and does not receive health or dental benefits. She purchased insurance for herself and her daughter through the Affordable Care Act, but last year their dental insurer unexpectedly dropped them.
Refuge from the Storm
A catastrophic storm brought floods, evacuees and vulnerable patients to Central Texas
On Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast. It brought not only devastation to the coastal communities, but also inland, with flooding and rain that seemed to never stop. Neighborhoods and entire towns were destroyed, and thousands were left without power.
Seeing the Potential
LBJ High School sits in northeast Austin, surrounded by neighborhoods and families. It’s a neighborhood in transition, with several developers building new homes in close proximity to the school. The neighborhood is a mix of original neighbors from the 70’s and younger families moving to the area. Yet, the large park area around the school is barely used, due to a fence and non-user friendly features.
Teaching Facts
The bad news is that Texas is ranked 4th in the nation for the number of teens giving birth. The good news is that there is a new approach to combating that rate, led by experts in the family-planning field, delivered directly to students in their school. It’s called Real Talk, and it’s taught by a new collaboration between LifeWorks and Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.


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