Report to the Community

Photo: Two new mothers attend a postpartum support group at Mama Sana Vibrant Woman, a new grant partner for St. David’s Foundation.

Our Commitment

As a funder, we don’t often get to see the faces impacted by our grants, or hear their stories straight from them. They are our neighbors, and it’s important we stay connected to the community we serve. We are committed to making this the healthiest community in the world, and that’s why we created our three strategic priorities:

  • Providing Central Texans with the healthiest care in the world
  • Creating the healthiest places for Central Texans to live
  • Helping Central Texans be the healthiest people they can be

Last year was a year of transformation for us, as we launched our new strategic plan. Now in the second year, a year of implementation, we are putting down the roots to make impactful change. We awarded our first grants in women’s health to assist mothers in their first year postpartum, we explored what health means in a rural community, and we awarded grants to create healthier and happier city parks.

On these pages, you’ll see faces of those we’ve helped serve: a young girl frightened of the dentist, a recently unemployed woman trying to navigate the health insurance world, two scholarship recipients who took different paths to furthering their education, and others. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting and hearing from a few of your neighbors as much as we did.