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Good Measure

Data-driven decision-making translates into larger, more meaningful impact. That’s why St. David’s Foundation sits on the steering committee of Good Measure, an association of philanthropic organizations working together with community partners to creatively and strategically use data to amplify impact.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles for Data & Learning Champions: 1. We advocate for prioritizing equity centered program-level data that can be used to improve our work and strengthen our mission. 2. We are dedicated to amplifying community voice and lived experience through transparent conversations in our organizations about the complexity of defining and achieving outcomes, and the cost of measuring impact. 3. We are committed to co-creating a culture of learning in our organizations, from front-line staff to the board, which centers the voices and experiences of the priority populations we work with. 4. We work to establish equitable processes and systems for evaluation. 5. We ask critical learning questions at all stages of the project and levels of the organization. 6. We commit to bringing our full selves to this work; to be brave and open to listening to all perspectives, and to be vulnerable and willing to unlearn harmful or inequitable practices. 7. We recognize we can’t do this work alone; together we build a diverse network of data & evaluation allies with colleagues and peers in the nonprofit sector.

Good Measure’s Guiding Principles focus on inclusivity and building on strengths, which resonate with our own approach to philanthropy. As we work to center equity across all our work, we recognize that we do not have all the answers and we know that we will inevitably make missteps along the way. These principles support our Evaluation and Learning team in centering community voice and act as a tool against which we can check our assumptions and recognize lived experience as the starting point for problem solving. 

Program Staff

Director of Learning and Evaluation
Senior Evaluation Officer

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The first thing we agreed on was that equity cannot be tacked on at the end; it must be embedded from the start.

2020 Data Leaders Academy Cohort