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About St. David’s Foundation

A community-focused and equity-driven organization supporting health and well-being in five Central Texas counties.

St. David’s Foundation is one of the largest health foundations in the United States, funding over $80 million annually in a five-county area surrounding Austin, Texas. Through a unique partnership with St. David’s HealthCare, we strategically reinvest proceeds from the hospital system back into the community, with the goal of advancing health equity and improving the health and well-being of our most underserved Central Texas neighbors.   

Beyond our grantmaking work, we operate the largest mobile dental program in the country providing charity care and offer the largest healthcare scholarship program in Texas, the St. David’s Neal Kocurek Program.  

Through investments and action, we are committed to centering health equity in all that we do so that all Central Texans have a fair chance to achieve optimal health with no avoidable, unjust, or systematically caused differences in health status due to ethnicity, race, age, ability, or geography.  

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission for the Foundation

To advance health equity in Central Texas through investment and action.

Our Vision for Central Texas

A vibrant and inclusive community in which every individual can flourish and reach their full potential.

Our Approach

We focus on removing barriers to better living today and changing systems and conditions to improve outcomes for a healthier tomorrow.
Learn about our vision and direction
The St. David's Foundation team at Waterloo Park

Our Strategy

We recently adopted a new Foundation-wide 2024-2030 Strategic Plan, Pathways to Health Equity.

Our Commitment

Poverty, structural racism, and discrimination unfairly constrain the chances and choices of too many people to be healthy based on their ethnicity, race, age, ability, and geography. We focus on removing barriers to better living today and changing systems and conditions to improve outcomes for a healthier community tomorrow. We are committed to and will evolve towards upstream and transformational work to improve systems and conditions for a healthier community.

St. David's HealthCare

St. David’s HealthCare is a unique partnership between HCA Healthcare and two local non-profits—St. David’s Foundation and Georgetown Health Foundation. The proceeds from our hospital operations fund these foundations, which, in turn, invest those dollars back into the community.

Our Team

Every individual at the Foundation, regardless of title or tenure, contributes to our mission for a healthier Central Texas.

Financials and Reports

St. David’s Foundation is proud to provide the resources needed to help build a healthier community. Our strong financial base gives us the ability to give back to the community through agencies and programs who fulfill our region’s growing health care needs.

Get in Touch

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback about our work.