Our Mission

St. David’s Foundation works to improve the health and well-being of our most underserved Central Texas neighbors using our resources to reduce health inequity, increase access to healthcare focused on the whole person through integrated care, and support Central Texans in taking an active role in their health and healthcare needs.

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Healthiest Care

To provide Central Texans with the healthiest care in the world – focusing on: Connection to Specialty Care, Dental Health, Health Care Workforce, Insurance Enrollment & Use, and Strong Safety Net

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Healthiest Places

Creating the healthiest places for Central Texans to live – focusing on Access to Healthy Food, Housing Wrap-Around Services, Opportunities to Be Active, and Rural Communities

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Healthiest People

Helping Central Texans be the healthiest people they can be – focusing on:  Aging in Place, Childhood Adversity, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, and Women’s Health

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