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What We Fund

We focus on removing barriers to better living today and changing systems and conditions to improve outcomes for a healthier community tomorrow. We are committed to taking a strengths-based approach by listening to and trusting the communities we serve.

Funding Update

We are currently shifting into our recently adopted Strategic Plan, Pathways to Health Equity and dedicating 2024 to developing the infrastructure to support this new plan with the intention of shaping future funding opportunities that are informed by evidence and community voice. 

Historically, St. David’s Foundation grant applications were largely by invitation only. We recognize that this practice can be a barrier to engaging with the Foundation and can be in conflict with our goal to advance health equity.

As we work to implement a more equitable grantmaking process, the Foundation is testing new ways of working. We will be piloting open grantmaking opportunities in the coming months.

Learn more about funding opportunities here.

Our 2020-2023 strategy supported the health and well-being of our community across the following five areas. Learning from the progress made within these areas was a key step in the planning process of our new 2024-2030 strategic plan. 

We will continue to support existing core projects in these areas through the end of 2025 as we transition to the new plan. 

Resilient Children

Fostering the conditions that create positive early experiences for young children, knowing these early experiences are the foundation for later health, social, and economic outcomes.

Healthy Women and Girls

Ensuring women and girls are supported with the resources, respect, and conditions vital for equitable health and well-being.

Older Adults Aging in Place

Increasing support for older adults to live safely and independently in their own community.

Thriving Rural Communities

Building community capacity while co-creating and investing in long term place-based solutions.

Clinic as Community Hubs for Health

Facilitating the growth of clinic infrastructure and capacity as clinics transition to serve as community hubs for health.