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What We Fund

Addressing vulnerability and opportunity across the lifespan–from the youngest children to the oldest adults.

Our Strategic Priorities

We are committed to taking a strengths-based approach in which we listen to and trust the communities we serve, and where we can work alongside our grantees and partners to strengthen institutions that support health while also prioritizing the other factors that contribute to health and wellbeing.

Through strategic grantmaking, we seek to center people and communities in all that we support and partner with institutions that promote health and wellbeing across the following areas of opportunity:

We recognize the overlap within and between the five priorities, and that much of this work is intersectional in nature. Across the five priorities we see three key strategies underpinning the work:

  1. Leading philanthropic efforts to fund key services and improve the built environment in our community
  2. Leveraging evidence to catalyze change at the systems level
  3. Partnering with communities to ensure sustainable solutions

Download our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Resilient Children

Fostering the conditions that create positive early experiences for young children, knowing these early experiences are the foundation for later health, social, and economic outcomes.

Healthy Women and Girls

Ensuring women and girls are supported with the resources, respect, and conditions vital for equitable health and well-being.

Older Adults Aging in Place

Increasing support for older adults to live safely and independently in their own community.

Thriving Rural Communities

Building community capacity while co-creating and investing in long term place-based solutions.

Clinic as Community Hubs for Health

Facilitating the growth of clinic infrastructure and capacity as clinics transition to serve as community hubs for health.