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Looking Back to Move Forward

Strategic Grantmaking Progress Report


Openly reflecting on our 2020-2022 efforts in grantmaking because information and data sharing are important tools for collaboration, learning, and effective change.

St. David’s Foundation is committed to measuring outcomes and striving for high impact work. We believe data analysis is an important tool for learning and collaboration, and by sharing our progress transparently, we can better listen and, thus, evolve our work.

In 2023, the Foundation analyzed progress towards the goals set in the 2020-2022 Strategic Refinement, our most recent Strategic Grantmaking Plan, that focused the Foundation’s grantmaking across five goal areas spanning periods of vulnerability and opportunity across the lifespan. The data collected for that analysis served as a starting point for reflection and collective learning around how we use an equity lens in our work and embrace effective risk taking. The process aligned with ongoing strategic planning conversations and the findings presented in this report—bringing together evidence and community voice—serve as key inputs as we make data-driven decisions and craft our strategy moving forward.

This report offers data on what we funded, the related short-term results, as well as evidence of impact. Guided by an intention to make our thinking visible and testable, this report also reflects insights from staff within each body of work. It is important to note the context in which the work occurred, including a global pandemic and rapid population growth within our Central Texas region. With this in mind, we acknowledge the limitations of our methods to measure progress in exceptionally complex and dynamic environments.

Guided by the belief that problem-solving is most effective when it is informed by those closest to the issue, we invite you, the Central Texas community, to join us in conversation around how, together, we can all contribute to making Central Texas a vibrant and inclusive community in which every individual can flourish and reach their full potential.

Please email [email protected] to share reflections.

Meet our Contributors


Edward B. Burger, Ph.D.

President and CEO