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Hurricane Harvey Relief in Central Texas

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas months ago, and even though the effects in Central Texas weren’t as widespread as they were in Houston and on the coast, we knew we had neighbors in surrounding cities and counties who needed help.

Our event at La Grange’s Historic Casino Hall, which also served as a disaster relief center in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


St. David’s Foundation gave over $500,000 in emergency response grants to 15 organizations in Bastrop, Fayette and Lee Counties who were hit hard by the storm, and at the end of February, we gathered all these groups together with local community leaders for an 80-person breakfast at the Historic Casino Hall in La Grange. At the event, we led a panel discussion about the incredible work these groups have done, and what’s next when it comes to relief efforts in these communities.

St. David’s Foundation: Hurricane Harvey Relief in La Grange, Texas

In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast, but the effects were felt far inland as well. In La Grange, the Colorado River was pushed more than a quarter mile out of its banks into Edward and Jo Helen Posas’ La Grange neighborhood. Edward and Jo Helen consider themselves fortunate to be finally back in their repaired home, compared to many other Harvey victims who remain homeless six months after the storm.After the storm, St. David’s Foundation provided relief funds to 15 agencies from the hard-hit Lee, Fayette and Bastrop counties. Six months after the storm, we gathered these agencies to share stories of progress, as well as hear the work that needed to yet be done. Most told of the immediate work that happened to repair homes, provide housing and assist with general clean up. However, long-term needs such as mental health services, particularly for children, still exist.“We’ve been here 42 years, we never expected anything like that. Everybody got together during this flood and helped, a lot… You can’t put in to words the amount of thank you’s to the people who deserve to be thanked.” – Edward Posas

Posted by St. David’s Foundation on Monday, April 9, 2018