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A Moment of Reflection

A Message from President and CEO Dr. Edward B. Burger

These have been very heavy and difficult days. An awakening for some, a reminder for others, of the injustice all around us: some hateful, some invisible; some systemic, some endemic. The reality of societal injustice comes with a long legacy of pain, frustration, fear, anxiety, and sadness. As we all continue to mourn the senseless deaths of George Floyd and other members of the Black community and people of color, I invite you to join me in not only allowing yourself the space to process, but also to look toward the future with a sense of purpose, hope, and change.

Our work at the Foundation is centered around the people we support—our hearts are with our communities as we work through the events that are unfolding in front of us each day. Although no individual or organization can singularly address the issues we are facing, we must continue to support the work of St. David’s Foundation and its partners to make a meaningful and positive difference throughout Central Texas.

But we must also do more.

Healing comes through feeling and expressing the hurt and pain and working through it by engaging in honest, loving self-examination, and in conversations with one another. Let us use this time to listen, learn and innovate as we continue to embed equity and inclusion into the core of how we work alongside our communities. This also means gaining a better understanding of the very barriers that create unnecessary and systemic differences so we can work to remove them.

For now, if we recommit ourselves to supporting all those around us—especially those with the greatest need and those victims of the greatest injustice—and inspiring one another to become better, then, over time, our world, in turn, will become better as well. Through dedication and hard work, we seek to transform this essential possibility into an eventual reality.

Releasing and realizing the ultimate human potential and capacity of every member of our society holds the true promise of a better and brighter tomorrow. I urge us all to hold onto that promise tightly as we move through these challenging times of anger and grief.