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Keeping Our Austin Neighbors Cool

Mrs. Elaine Morris has lived in her Central East Austin home for over 50 years, and has been surviving the famously hot Austin summers with just a box fan. While some may wince at the strain the summer can put on our electric bill, many of our neighbors, like Mrs. Morris, do not have the option to run their air conditioning because their homes either don’t have one, or their existing air conditioners aren’t functional enough to cool the entire house.

With many summer days reaching 100 degrees or more, St. David’s Foundation teamed up with the Austin Police Department, Meals on Wheels of Central Texas and Austin Cops for Charity to help deliver portable air conditioners to families who could use a little relief. So far this summer, we have delivered almost 20 units, most going to families who have been in their houses for more than 30 years. Thanks to this partnership, Mrs. Morris and her family
will be a lot cooler this summer.

This story was published as part of the August 2019 St. David’s Foundation’s newsletter, The 411. View the full newsletter here.

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