Central Texas has one of the fastest growing aging populations in the country and is predicted to double in the next 20 years. St. David’s Foundation Community Fund created AgingWell to address the growing needs of the aging population with a mission of bringing together individuals and community partners to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

An active community group that supports Central Texas organizations assisting older adults and their caregivers with the challenges of aging issues, AgingWell provide resources, support and events that embrace volunteerism, education and philanthropy.

As a hub for information on aging matters and community services, we educate the public and decision makers about the needs of older adults and caregivers and help to identify organizations dedicated to meeting those needs.

The mission of AgingWell is to help connect individuals and families with vital services that help sustain independence, reduce isolation and foster wellbeing among aging adults. These services may include social activities, assistance for health conditions, respite care, support for aging in place, and, when needed, care facilities. We believe each of these opportunities for independence and social connection contributes to a positive difference in daily life.

Increasing access to aging-related resources in Central Texas is a priority of St. David’s Foundation. Through strategic grantmaking, the Foundation seeks to increase support for older adults to live safely and independently in their own community. As a program of St. David’s Foundation Community Fund, AgingWell is committed to strategically aligning these efforts in addition to serving as resource for the aging community in Central Texas.

Opportunities for the AgingWell Community

  • Group volunteer events in partnership with Meals on Wheels, Austin Groups for the Elderly, Family Eldercare, and many other critical partners in our community.
  • Several social events per year, including a holiday gatherings, garden opening celebrations, luncheons, and more. Note: due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community, we have suspended in-person gatherings and, when possible, aim to create virtual spaces for our community to ensure safety.

Joining AgingWell

To learn more about AgingWell and how you, or someone you know, can get involved, please contact Taylor Gutierrez at