Spring 2021 Grant Cycle Recipients

Spring 2021 Grant Recipients

See below for a list of recipients from our Spring 2021 grant cycle, announced in June 2021. To learn more about this grant cycle, read the blog post here

$150,194 – Funding will support the development of critical tools that bring a race equity lens into the Texas Change in Mind Learning Collaborative and its evaluation. The two-year learning collaborative—jointly funded with Episcopal Health and Powell Foundations—will help organizations improve their capacity to integrate brain science and race equity concepts into their organizational leadership, culture, programs, policies, and practices in order to support better outcomes for children and families at individual and community levels. https://alliance1.org

$771,000 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will support building improvements and the organization’s No Estas Solo and Children’s Hearing Aids Texas programs, which deliver home-based counseling services for families unable to engage in office-based support and provide hearing aids to children with hearing loss. https://www.anybabycan.org

$1,087,124 – Funding will provide trauma-informed counseling to children and families, and community leadership convenings. https://austinchildguidance.org

$220,000 – Funding will be used to provide the Clubhouse treatment model, a strengths-based approach to treating mental illness, to Travis County in order to facilitate social connection and employment opportunities for members. https://www.austinclubhouse.org

$100,000 – Funding will provide a 1:1 match for new donors to the Women’s Health Fund. https://www.austincf.org

$100,000 – Funding will support staff capacity in Bastrop County to build strategic partnerships and provide leadership development programming for residents. https://austininterfaith.org

$750,000 – Funding will support Family House, which provides 90-day residential treatment program for women who are pregnant or parenting young children. https://www.austinrecoverynetwork.org

$150,000 – Funding will support the operating costs of a Bastrop County-wide intermediary hub that addresses social risk factors that impact health and community well-being. https://www.bastropcares.org

$300,000 – Funding will support renovations to expand Family Health Clinic at Jarrell ISD to increase access to integrated health care in Williamson County. https://www.bbtrails.org

$225,238 – Funds will invest in a full-time coordinator to support the Aging Services Network and Aging and Disability Resource Center. https://www.bbtrails.org

$537,000 – Funding will provide evidence-informed therapeutic services, specifically the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) framework, for children and families impacted by abuse and violence in Travis County. https://www.centerforchildprotection.org

$95,000 – Funding will support the planning of academic pathways in the allied maternal healthcare field towards certificates and degree earning programs accredited by the Texas Workforce Commission. https://ctahi.org

$220,000 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will support planning and development efforts to establish a comprehensive workforce training center and will invest in an engagement coordinator to strengthen community connections and accelerate collaborative efforts to build a healthier, inclusive community in Smithville. https://www.ci.smithville.tx.us

$80,000 – Funding will provide home delivered prepared meals to seniors and other homebound residents in Bastrop, Caldwell and Hays counties. https://www.ccaction.com

$1,207,940 – Funding will provide continued support for Communities In Schools’ model to connect students to caring adults and community resources to foster their success in school. https://www.ciscentraltexas.org

$469,013 – Funding will provide essential specialty care to uninsured patients in Central Texas, while expanding the capability of participating health centers to manage more of their patients’ care needs in the clinic and reduce the number of specialist referrals. https://www.conferMED.com

$330,000 – Funding will support CARY’s mental health and violence prevention services in 24 schools across four Independent School Districts (ISDs), using PeaceRox, an evidence-based intervention with efficacy in reducing anger and aggression in an effort to break the school to prison pipeline. https://www.cary4kids.org

$123,000 – Funding will support the center’s employee health insurance plan and increase administrative staff salaries. https://www.family-crisis-center.org

$3,128,000 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will provide services across the organization’s properties housing more than 2,000 children, in addition to funding its newest affordable family housing community, The Loretta, and investing in a case manager to serve older adults at Waterloo Terrace and a nurse case manager for older adults living in permanent supportive housing. https://foundcom.org

$100,000 – Funding will strengthen the organization’s infrastructure at the leadership level and support its efforts to provide access to free perinatal doula support and to enter into contracts with health payers. https://givingaustinlaborsupport.org

$614,888 – Funding will provide counseling, advocacy and shelter services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Hays and Caldwell counties. https://www.hcwc.org

$678,002 – Funding will support the replication of BAE-B-SAFE, an evidence-based unplanned pregnancy prevention program, at two Austin Community College campuses. https://www.hf-tx.org/

$525,000 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will provide counseling, advocacy and shelter services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and support the launch of a multi-year capital campaign to further its work providing these and other critical services to those whose lives have been affected by family and sexual violence. https://www.hopealliancetx.org/

$24,500 – Funding will support a chronic disease management program for the uninsured at Hope Medical Clinic. https://www.getupproject.org

$1,053,895 – Funding will be used to provide mental health crisis services through the Judge Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care. https://www.integralcare.org

$400,000 – Funding will provide behavioral health services to school districts in geographically isolated eastern Williamson County. https://interagencyeast.org

$2,404,491 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will support the scaling of rapid rehousing to work to eliminate Austin’s youth housing waitlist; provide evidence-based, comprehensive sexual health education and support from pre-conception to parenting for transition age youth; and provide counseling and supported employment for transition age youth. https://www.lifeworksaustin.org/

$100,000 – Funding will be used to establish a parent liaison program to increase parent, school and community engagement in Lockhart ISD. https://www.lockhartisd.org

$199,314 – Funding will support Transportation for Living, a pilot project to test the feasibility of a new system to provide low-cost transportation for older adults to support healthy, active community living. https://www.mealsonwheelscentraltexas.org/

$300,000 – Funding will support the organization’s role in convening and leading the Travis County Collaborative for Children. https://www.missioncapital.org

$140,000 – Funding will support efforts to build community partnerships, train women of color from the community seeking lactation and doula credentials, and provide breastfeeding education. https://milkbank.org

$70,000 – Funding will provide increased access to medical care and the continued development of a patient-centered approach to care at this free and charitable clinic. https://www.nauhc.org

$523,575 – Funding will provide comprehensive wrap-around medical, mental health and social services to promote healthy functioning youth and reduce the risk of subsequent teen births among participants. It will also support a pregnancy prevention component for participant’s’ siblings. https://austinpcc.org

$107,976 – Funding will help provide evidence-based, comprehensive sexual health education in Austin communities with high unplanned teen pregnancy rates. https://www.ppgreatertx.org

$55,000 – Funding will provide access to medical care and a care coordination program for the uninsured at this free and charitable clinic. https://sacredheartclinic.org/

$85,000 – Funding will provide mental health and substance abuse treatment and support. https://simsfoundation.org

$105,059 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will provide the clinic with dental equipment and support its Community Well-Being and Resilience initiative, further supporting access to medical care and the continued development of behavioral health capacity for the uninsured. https://www.smithvillecommunityclinic.org

$120,000 – Funding will support the organization’s Reining in Trauma program to provide  children and families who have been impacted by trauma with equine assisted services to help them feel safety, experience connection and build healthy relationships. https://www.spiritreins.org/

$125,000 – Funding will support the center’s work to foster a just and regenerative food system in Central Texas. https://sustainablefoodcenter.org

$10,000 – Funding will be used to fulfill musical last wishes by organizing private concerts for older adults and individuals with terminal illnesses to reduce social isolation and improve end-of-life care. https://www.swansongs.org

$50,000 – Funding will support youth storytelling efforts around unplanned pregnancy prevention, capacity-building efforts within Central Texas school districts regarding sex education standards, and training efforts through the organization’s annual symposium. https://www.txcampaign.org

$1,143,734 – Funding will support participants in St. David’s Foundation Loan Repayment Program who complete their 12-month obligation serving as providers in primary care safety net facilities in Central Texas. https://www.texasagriculture.gov

$1,532,440 (multiple initiatives) – Funding will support facility improvements and provide counseling, advocacy and shelter services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as prevention services. https://www.safeaustin.org

$1,000,000 – Funding will support United Way’s continuum of programs that aim to improve early childhood services and supports. https://www.unitedwayaustin.org

$600,000 – Funding will invest in the organization’s model of building social capital, ensuring choice and providing access to financial capital to low-income families in an effort to create a springboard for working families to advance. https://www.uptogether.org

$240,000 – Funding will support a care coordination program for those living with and at risk of contracting HIV in Central Texas and the continued development of a comprehensive HIV Medical Home. https://www.viventhealth.org

$225,000 – Funding will support access to a full range of medical services for the uninsured at this free and charitable clinic. https://www.volclinic.org

$112,063 – Funding will provide support for a research effort to determine the feasibility of the implementation of a Pathways HUB model in Williamson County. https://www.wcchd.org