Past Funding Opportunities

2020 RFPS:

St. David’s Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund: Lifting Up Central Texas Today and Tomorrow – Phase One Released April 2020

2019 RFPS:

Connecting Generations, Strengthening Communities – Released September 2019 / Awarded January 2020

Parks with Purpose: Parks for Health Equity – Released June 2019 / Awarded October 2019

Central Texas Home Visiting Grant Program: A Good Start is a Healthy Start – Released April 2019 / Awarded September 2019

The CAPABLE Model: An Aging in Place Intervention for Older Adults in Central Texas – Released April 2019 / Awarded July 2019


2018 RFPs:

Health Starts at Home: Expanding Housing Wrap Around Services and Supports

(Awarded November 2018)

Housing can be a powerful platform for health. But, for this to be true, both affordability and opportunity must be present. In August 2018, we released a request for proposals entitled “Health Starts at Home,” under our Housing Wrap-Around Services focus area, intended to increase opportunity available to residents of affordable housing communities. Projects funded through this RFP are expected create the conditions that foster self-sufficiency and/or stabilized health for low-income individuals and families. Over the next two years, we look forward to working with service and housing providers to better understand how to create those conditions.

2017 RFPs:

Focus on The Fourth: Postpartum Support for Central Texas Women in the 4th Trimester

(Awarded December 2017)

Our first women’s health RFP grants focused on aiding low-income and underserved women in Central Texas in receiving timely and effective postpartum support services. In total, $2,000,000 in grants were given to groups working to make a difference in the health of Central Texas women. The postnatal period represents a vital window to help women and babies reap health benefits that can pay dividends for years to come. Through this opportunity, the Foundation is funding projects aimed at improving postpartum access and outcomes for underserved women during the “fourth trimester,” the year following delivery.