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COVID-19 in Central Texas

UPDATE: Since this story was published, St. David’s Foundation has announced our COVID-19 Recovery Fund. More information on the fund is available here.

An updated list of community resources is available on our COVID-19 Resources page.

Published March 16, 2020

Like all in our community, St. David’s Foundation is actively monitoring the evolving health situation presented by COVID-19 and its impact both globally and to those of us in our region. We urge you to work intentionally to keep yourself and others healthy, support those around you—as appropriate and safe—as well as commit to personal self-care.

These are unprecedented times for us all. However if we act with wisdom, thoughtfulness and, whenever possible, in the spirit of the greater good, we will find our way to a better and healthier future together.

Working with our Partner Organizations

We are working hard to assess the long-term needs of our partners and the community as a whole. For the immediate term, keeping our partners as strong as possible during this time is paramount to us, and we have made the decision to convert most existing grants to fund general operating expenses. We hope this will provide immediate and necessary flexibility to these organizations.

Emergency Fund Information

We are also in the process of thinking through other ways to deploy needed resources for the coming weeks and months through an emergency fund, but we are not considering grants for this fund yet. We will have further details to share shortly.

Any further updates will be announced on our website as well as on social media via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


If you are in need of health resources and recommendations for yourself, your family, your employees or your partners, please visit:

Your county or city’s local Department of Health website, as available.

Other Helpful Resources: