COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Lifting Up Central Texas Today and Tomorrow

In response to the current crisis and unprecedented circumstances caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, St. David’s Foundation has launched a $10 million COVID-19 Recovery Fund to support nonprofits and public entities during this challenging and uncertain time. The fund will provide grants supporting both immediate and intermediate needs of nonprofits and public entities working on the front lines to provide emergency assistance to those impacted by COVID-19 in some of Central Texas’ most vulnerable communities.

This fund is designed to complement the efforts of local health departments, public health officials, and federal subsidies – while expanding local capacity to address aspects of the outbreak as immediately and efficiently as possible. Beyond these immediate needs facing our community, we believe this public health crisis has created an extraordinary moment to call for greater and more equal health justice within our Central Texas community, and are committed to partnering with our neighbors throughout this time.

Across all of the Foundation’s goals and principles, we are guided by a commitment to achieve health equity. During this global pandemic, this requires a prioritization of available assets to those most in need in order to mitigate critical loss and provide relief where vital resources may be lacking.

Eligibility Requirements

The St. David’s Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund complements the efforts of local health departments, public health officials, and federal subsidies by providing financial support to impacted nonprofits and public entities located in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson Counties. Eligibility is open to 501(c)3 organizations or public entities within these five counties to support the immediate and intermediate needs of those working to improve health and support members of the community during this time of crisis.

Priority populations for this fund include older adults at risk of social isolation, women, children, and vulnerable populations, with special attention given for our rural neighbors. Furthermore, the fund will prioritize work that is related to factors that directly impact health and well-being including telehealth, mental health, and youth serving organizations. Direct service providers, such as those supporting essential healthcare, human services, and food insecurity directly connected to COVID-19 are vital in this recovery effort and will also be considered for funding through this emergency relief initiative.

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Application Process & Important Dates

Funding applications for the initial phase of the St. David’s Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund is now closed. Notification of Phase I of the Recovery Fund will be sent by Monday, June 8. We encourage you to check back to this page for updates regarding the application process, upcoming submission deadlines and eligibility. Please note, funding will be phased in the coming months as we work to understand the impact of this crisis and the evolving community needs.


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Please note that this is an evolving document, additions will be made as questions are brought to our attention.