Capacity Building

Great programs need great organizations behind them, and St. David’s Foundation is committed to investing in the organizational health of our grant partners. We recognize the profound shifts and transitions the health sector in Central Texas is experiencing. Therefore, we support leaders and organizations who embrace this change and actively work to guide organizations through it.

Our Approach

Through grants, workshops and various multi-year initiatives, we support grant partners in learning from each other and from outside experts.


Existing grant partners may apply for funding to support capacity building projects such as:

  • Communications/marketing
  • Evaluation and learning
  • Financial management
  • Staff or board leadership development
  • Strategic or succession planning


Periodic workshops, outside speakers and panelists provide grant partners with cutting edge information and research related to best practices in nonprofit management and governance.

Capacity Academy

Capacity Academy is a cohort-based, multi-year initiative that combines participation in a learning community, access to technical assistance or executive coaching, and grant funding. Participation in Capacity Academy is through a competitive application process and by invitation only.

How to Apply

To express interest in a capacity building grant, you are encouraged to reach out to the Senior Capacity Building Officer to discuss your project. Foundation staff will assist you in the next steps, which may include a capacity building organizational assessment tool.

Capacity building application due dates are: March 15th, June 15th and November 15th annually.



For More Information

Denise Herrera

Almost everything about building capacity in nonprofits (and for-profit companies, too) takes longer and is more complicated than anyone would ever expect. Building organizational capacity can be frustrating – yet can also be transformational when done strategically.

For most of my career, I’ve worked on the program evaluation side of things – where I supported large initiatives on the backend and helped determine what worked, where things fell short, and how things could be improved next time. As I evolve our capacity building portfolio, I am committed to working on the frontend with nonprofits to strengthen their organizational muscle to achieve their mission most efficiently. What advice do you have for me or other nonprofits working in this space? Let’s chat.”