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Perinatal Safe Zone

St. David’s Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of funds to address timely and effective support for women in Central Texas most likely to be disproportionately impacted by poor perinatal outcomes. The term “perinatal” refers to the period pre-pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum. Healthy pregnancy outcomes require a supportive environment prior to, during and after the pregnancy itself. Early and continued investments during this perinatal period will reap health benefits that can pay dividends for years to come and span generations.

This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks to support the establishment of a Perinatal Safe Zone in Central Texas by creating the community conditions to support healthy pregnancies, and health outcomes for women that have a two-generation benefit. Proposals that focus solely on infants are outside the scope. Responses to this RFP should describe activities that would occur in the perinatal period.

The population of focus for this RFP is women of reproductive age who are low-income and/or women of color due to their increased risk for lack of access to perinatal services and resulting birth inequities. The Foundation acknowledges self-determination as an important way to achieve health equity. To that end, the RFP will prioritize efforts designed by and led by the population most impacted by birth inequities.

Projects eligible for funding under this RFP fall into the following categories:

  • Planning grants, for organizations exploring the launch of new initiatives, projects, or programs. Planning grants will be one-time funding, for a 6-month period. Receipt of a planning grant does not guarantee additional implementation funding. Maximum award per applicant is $25,000.
  • Implementation grants, for the launch of new or expansion of existing initiatives, projects, or programs. Funding will be for 12 months. Maximum annual award per applicant is $150,000.

This request for proposals is open to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and public entities serving Central Texas. Total funding for planning and implementation grants awarded in 2021 is approximately $1 million. Additional funding will be made available in 2022 for implementation of competitive workplans originating from planning grants, and for implementation grant renewals. Funding is not intended exclusively for ongoing administrative operations.

Key Dates

Timeline and Important Dates



RFP Issue Date



RFP Information Session



RFP Response Date, due by 5 pm Central Time by electronic submission. The Senior Program Officer reserves the right to accept late applications.



Notice of Decision

Information Session

The Foundation hosted a virtual information session on May 11 to assist applicants in understanding the goals of this funding opportunity, the connection to national work to establish perinatal safe spots and zones, and how to prepare their responses. The session also included a presentation on financial requirements and a question and answer portion. You can watch a recording of the session below:

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