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How We Fund

Learn how to apply for funding from St. David’s Foundation.

2023: Sustain and Strategize

Recently the Foundation adopted a clearer strategic vision and direction that affirms our commitment to health equity in Central Texas. We invite you to read and reflect on this new framework. We are excited about the evolution of our vision and mission and know that moving it from paper to practice will take time and work to achieve the level of
impact our community deserves.

As such, this year is defined by sustaining the work of our grantees and strategizing with our community on how the Foundation’s resources can most effectively advance health equity in Central Texas. This year we are bringing forward multiple opportunities for community voice to inform our work.

With limited exceptions, we will not be accepting new project proposals during 2023.

This year is a vital time for St. David’s Foundation as we devote the focus needed to operationalize the Foundation’s vision and mission to advance health equity. As we bring our strategic vision and direction to life, we will continue to rely on the vital work of our grantees and community.

We are grateful to have grant partners who are strongly aligned with our health equity vision and who we can trust to continue their work while we embark upon the necessary shifts to align with our new framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

St. David’s Foundation grant applications are by invitation only, though periodic Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to target specific health challenges are open to any eligible applicant.

What We Fund

We are committed to taking a strengths-based approach to social services in which we listen to and trust the communities we serve, and where we can work alongside our grantees and partners to strengthen institutions that support health while also prioritizing the other factors that contribute to health and well-being.